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Wenco S.A

is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of Plastic Products. This company is specific designed in order to achieve the best ultization of time , resources and human resources to maximize the production. This company have become a necesity in modern logistic managements.

Wenco S.A. have many Plastic Products to customer key users:

  • Plastic Bulk Containers, Plastic Box Pallets

    : Plastic Bulk Container design system focus on monitoring controlling and ensure effective utilization of all our Plastic Bulk Container including maintenance, engineering and resource planning. Wenco have become a necesity in modern logistic and a key ingredient to a successful company.

  • Grape Harvest Containers-Stacking Containers-Box Pallet-Pallet Box-Pallet Boxes

  • Attached Lid Container-Distribution Container

  • Reusable Plastic Container-Collapsible Crates

  • Plastic Bulk Containers - Harvest Bins

  • Wenco introduced the first ultra light Foldable Export Plastic Crate , the new line of UL Boxes, developed with the most advanced tecnology, specially designed in order to achieve an excellent export perfonmance , reducing costs and maximize the cooling to reach evenly to all the fruit that is packed in the crate.

    Wenco S.A. management system solution, to meet specific customer requirements on five continents.

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